[benbaxterband 2023] A development sample of "precision innovation" in Jiangwan Town

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The first "Corporate Innovation Points" was established to develop &qu...

The first "Corporate Innovation Points" was established to develop "Innovation Maps" for businesses, and more than 7,000 enterprises have been funded through Points. The country region's first "Innovation Development Index" and 39 indicators became the "Innovation Indicator" for the region. The first industry-university research research fund to promote more than 200 industry-university research projects annually and solve the problem of "taking the first step" in the transformation of achievement...

[benbaxterband 2023] A development sample of "precision innovation" in Jiangwan Town

At the last bay before the Yangtze River enters the sea, Zhangjiagang, a small city in southern Jiangsu Province, was founded only 60 years ago and moves, innovates and moves forward with the times.

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology released the first list of national innovation prefectures (cities) that have passed the entrance examination, and Zhangjiagang is included in the list. Since the establishment of the first "National Innovation City (City)" group, Zhangjiang has taken the initiative in establishing and operating the Innovation Committee of the Municipal Party Committee with the "back to zero and start again" mindset. The price was $3.56. Percentage of GDP, the value of the strategic development industry was 225.2 billion yuan, the innovation genes inherent in the blood were fully developed, and the concentration of innovation in the densely populated city was fully demonstrated.

Create accurate portraits for businesses and cities

Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd. It is a microcosm of the development of Zhangjiang enterprises, from small rolling mills to world top 500 enterprises.

Upon entering Shagang Group's ultra-thin strip workshop, a large mechanical arm pours molten steel into a roll casting pool, which immediately turns into flaming red casting strip. It forms quickly and the process only takes 30 seconds. A plant official said, “The production line using the traditional process is 800m, but based on technological innovation, it was shortened to 50m, reducing energy consumption by 80% and greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.”

In the recently released 2021 Zhangjiagang City Enterprise Innovation Score list, Shagang Group ranked first in Zhangjiagang City.

In 2015, Zhangjiang launched the enterprise science and technology innovation point management system, which represents the innovation level of enterprises through the "number" of points, guides enterprises to "build long boards" and "build short boards", and encourages the government to: help Accurately determine the quality of enterprises, determine the relevant policies and policies for enterprises and carry out services, local areas basically weak innovation work to find a strong starting point, promote in 59 national high-tech regions throughout the country.

In recent years, a total of more than 7,000 enterprises have scored more than 500,000 points, and the government has provided support funds of more than 800 million yuan. At present, Zhangjiagang enterprises' innovations provide "more than four 90%". 100% of large and medium-sized industrial and high-end companies have scientific and research institutions. 90% of companies and science and technology talent companies have R&D. invest.

In 2021, the country's first innovative development index, "Innovative Development Index (Zhangjiagang)", will be released. This index uses 6 dimensions and 39 quantitative indicators as an innovative "barometer" for in-depth analysis of endogenous forces. City-level innovation, restrictions, etc. Zhangjiagang learned the innovation road model from other counties (cities) through the first trial.

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