[2023] China's commercial operations have generally achieved steady progress

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The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on work and...

The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on work and operation in 2022. Deputy Minister of Commerce Guo Tingting said that in 2022, business operations will generally make steady progress and make positive contributions to overall economic and social stability.

[2023] China's commercial operations have generally achieved steady progress

In 2022, our country's consumer market will be largely stable. Annual total retail sales of consumer goods will reach 44 trillion yuan, basically the same as in 2021. Among them, the release of improved consumer demand accelerated, and sales of new energy vehicles increased by 93.4%.

Xu Xinfeng, director of the Department of Market Activities and Consumer Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said last year the Ministry of Commerce focused on increasing mass consumption, accelerating the development of new types of consumption and improving consumer platforms. , enrichment of consumption activities, providing basic consumption of people's lives. "Through the above five measures, the consumption market has effectively stabilized. The just-passed "Spring Festival" market also continued good momentum. According to monitoring, sales of major retail and food companies nationwide increased by 6.8. . Same month last year. Contrast %" said Xu Xingfeng.

In 2022, our country's foreign trade will be better than expected, the annual foreign trade volume will hit a record high again, the value of import and export of goods will exceed 40 trillion yuan, reach 42.1 trillion yuan, and reach 7.7 trillion US dollars. is. comfort.. %. Korea's high-tech and value-added products, represented by exports of electric vehicles, solar products and lithium batteries, have become a new point of export growth. From a domestic perspective, foreign trade has made an important contribution to the overall recovery of economic activity. Annual net exports of goods and services contributed to GDP growth of 17.1% and ensured GDP growth by 0.5 percentage points.

In 2022, each pilot trade zone will enter the market, boldly explore and make new progress. The first is to promote a high degree of openness. During the year, 222.52 billion yuan of foreign capital was used in 21 pilot free trade zones, accounting for 18.1% of the national total. Among them, the real amount of foreign investment in high-tech industries was 86.34 billion yuan, up 53.2% over the same period last year. Second, deepen reform and innovation. By the end of 2022, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have transferred more than 5,400 local government authorities to pilot free trade zones, significantly reducing approval rates. The third is to promote quality development. Pilot Free Trade Zone aims to remove institutional barriers that hinder the accumulation of domestic and foreign resources and innovative elements, promote the rapid development of new industries, new models and new models, and establish multiple industrial clusters at an early stage. with strong competition. Fourth, it provides key national strategies. Each pilot trade zone is taking the lead in actively promoting joint innovation among regions.

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