[benbaxterband 2023] China Fully implement the "administrative behavior code"

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Law enforcement officers work on "Zhezheng Nail" portable terminals af...

Law enforcement officers work on "Zhezheng Nail" portable terminals after work, enter relevant information, and conduct administrative inspections. The system automatically generates a two-dimensional code containing a 27-digit value. Administrative practice". A reporter from the Ministry of Justice of Zhejiang Province learned on February 1 that Zhejiang took the lead in implementing the "Administrative Code of Conduct" across the country to create a legalized business environment at the first level.

[benbaxterband 2023] China Fully implement the "administrative behavior code"

According to statistics, from mid-November 2022, the "Administrative Code of Conduct" was tested in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, and 19,000 similar codes were assigned, including 13,000 administrative inspections and 6,000 fines, completely transparent and online. Full range of control, early warning of danger.

Zhejiang Province is the only pilot region in the country for "grand integration" reform of administrative law enforcement agencies. In recent years, the province has spearheaded digital reforms focused on building an effective and coordinated system of ad hoc and unilateral surveillance and law enforcement, to create a "great comprehensive integration" of digital use by law enforcement and surveillance agencies. I tried. . Managed code is non-configurable code generated by applications.

According to Zhang Tianhua, an official from Shaoxing City's Keqiao District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office, the "Administrative Code of Conduct" corresponds to an ID card and contains a total of 27 digits, which is the code for the type of administrative action. (2 digits), department code (9 digits), date (6 digits), serial number (4 digits), order code (5 digits), check code (1 digit)

Who can use the Administrative Code of Conduct? Ji Genwen, deputy director of the Law Enforcement Platform Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Law Enforcement Comprehensive Administrative Guidance Office, introduced that law enforcement officers, law enforcement subjects, the general public and law enforcement observers can request relevant information on the entire process of an emergency case. work. Case by scanning the code. Currently, the "Code of Administrative Conduct" is applied to administrative permits, administrative inspections, and administrative punishments, and its functions and utilization are being further improved.

In particular, the public (businesses) can scan the QR code of "Zhejiang Office" to obtain real-time information on administrative law enforcement issues. Parties to the case can be informed of the policies and rules, the progress of the case and the acquisition of relevant documents. “Scanning the QR code can implement online processing and real-time tracking of law enforcement matters. Law enforcement officers can monitor or review the execution of law enforcement agencies in real time. Information can be found, they implement issues in real time and fully exercise social control.

"The 'Administrative Code of Conduct' uses well-organized algorithms to promote law enforcement, standardization, efficiency and transparency." Xia Xuemin, a researcher at the Institute of Public Policy at Zhejiang University, suggested that there is a six-digit date. Find it in the code. You want to establish a 5-digit sequence. For the first time, the location data that determines the location of the crime or the location of the incident is complete and immutable evidence along with the time data.

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